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Matching Racing Results April 2018

Another milestone has been accomplished at RGYC – MATCH RACING.

Thanks to the generosity of owners Kim Clarke, with alternate helms Simon Hunter and Alison Weatherly on board Flying Circus, and Peter Stephens, with alternate helms John Hilsdon and Avril Sellars on board Revolution, two days of match racing have been conducted sailing S80 yachts in an unscored trial event for the Club.

Sailed under a mix of Fleet and Match Racing rules including deletion of rule 17 plus rounding the weather mark to starboard, two competitor and official’s information meetings were conducted in the McAllister room two days prior to each of the racing sessions.

An early start (08:45) Saturday 23rd November saw six competitors testing their helming skills in the first round.

Match 1. Displaying their blue backstay flag Flying Circus with owner Kim entered from their assigned left side and quickly came to grips with Peter helming Revolution, displaying a yellow flag, entering from the right. Hunting manoeuvres began with each boat attempting to force a penalty onto the other. Intense pre-start manoeuvres were a feature of each race throughout the series.

Match 2. Saw Simon helm Revolution (blue flag) engage John helming Flying Circus (yellow flag).

Match 3. Avril helmed Flying Circus (blue flag) paired against Simon helming Revolution and entering from the right hand side (yellow flag).

Racing continued with Alison drawn in a match against Kim, John against Alison and in the sixth race Peter match raced Avril.

Umpires Geoffrey Searle and Ian Robottom imposed a couple of starting error penalties and Wing Judges Mal Eaton and Michael Naughton were kept very busy observing boat “overlaps”.

Race Officer Max Stein, with his team of Janine Collier, Arthur Herring and Noel Robertson on the race committee vessel Alpha 1, kept races rolling and six matches were completed before 11:30.

On Saturday 7th April the second round was held in very light breezes.

Murray Mitchelhill and Arthur Herring arrived early to assist Race Officer Max.

Race 1 matched Nick Aird (replacing John) on Flying Circus (blue) against Peter (yellow).

Race 2 saw Alison (blue) paired against Avril (Yellow). Wing Judges Mal and Ian were perfectly positioned when Revolution attempted to hold out Flying Circus at the starting line. Umpires Geoff and Michael signalled a green flag (no penalty) in response to a “Y” flag from Revolution.

Race 3 matched Kim (blue) against Simon (yellow). The boats were locked together throughout the four legs of the course. Not far from the finish, in response to a “Y” flag from Revolution umpires Geoff and Michael signalled a penalty against Flying Circus for a port and starboard incident. Kim failed to take the penalty before finishing thus the race was awarded to Simon.

Race 4 matched Peter (blue) against Nick (yellow). Pre-start manoeuvres were tight and the boats were locked together off the starting line. The breeze started to play tricks however a close race was fought out right to the finish.

Shortly after completion of this race the wind died away and despite Max’s attempt to complete another race, conditions deteriorated affecting the fairness of competition, thus racing was terminated with two races not sailed.

Everyone agreed it was an exciting experience.   


RGYC match racing 2017 Revolution v Flying circus

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