The Royal Geelong Yacht Club ‘off-the-beach’ fleet came together on Saturday evening to celebrate the 2021-2022 sailing season.

Commodore Stuart Dickson remarked, “I would like to congratulate all the successful sailors with your awards tonight but I also congratulate all our sailors who take to the water each week to enjoy our great sport of sailing.”

Commodore Dickson also thanked Jason Farnell and his OTB committee, RGYC coaches, the Race Management Team and all the parents and volunteers who help get our OTB sailors on the water each week.

Jason Farnell has advised that he will not be continuing as OTB Chairman next season, RGYC would like to take the opportunity to thank Jason for his leadership over many years, we are going to miss his commitment and passion to our OTB Group. Also Sue Di Sciascio and Amanda Field who are also leaving the OTB Committee, thank you both for your hard work and dedication over many years.

RGYC would like to congratulate all of our sailors, committee and board members for a successful season.

2022 OTB Committee Award Winners

John Sykes Perpetual Trophy Encouragement Award – Mason Mahoney
Youth Mixed Member deemed most worthy.

OTB Committee Trophy – Evie McDonald
Sailor most worthy who has not received a cadet championship placing.

OTB Committee Trophy – Grace Lochhead-Caddy
Cadet Encouragement Award

OTB Committee Trophy – Adela Thomas
Cadet Crew’s Award

Gordon Jackson Memorial Cup – Josh Garner
Best found, prepared and maintained boat

C.H. Fleet Perpetual Trophy – Cate McCoy
Most Improved Skipper

G.M. ‘Gar’ Vautier RAAF Memorial Trophy – Benjamin Garner
Cadet member declared the best for the season

Ruth Plummer Club Member Perpetual Trophy – Benjamin Garner
Cadet whose activities embody the spirit of the cadet fellowship

Tony Bull Award – Zac Sayle
Cadet deemed most worthy, who has at least 2 more seasons in cadets

Deakin University Scholarship – Cooper Field
Promoting spirit, talent and sportspersonship

Commodore’s Commendation – Benjamin Garner

2022 Cadet Award Winners

Naval Auxiliary Patrol Trophy – “Aquilo” Cooper Field / Adela Thomas
Best in National Championship

Robin Robbins Perpetual Trophy – “Tempest” Evie McDonald / Matilda Groves
1st Fleet Handicap – Last Race

Garner Crew Race Perpetual Trophy – “Wildcard” Chloe Allen
1st Crews Race

Landfall Perpetual Cup – “Aquilo” Cooper Field
1st Single Handed Race

Doug Hocking Perpetual Trophy – “Assassin” Will Farnell / Isla Fenske
1st Fleet Handicap – Nom. Race

W.L. Curtis Perpetual Trophy – “Aquilo” Cooper Field
Best in Festival of Sails – Skipper

Deakin University Cadet Series

E.J. Fairnie Perpetual Cup – “Aquilo” Cooper Field
1st Championship Skipper

Gordon Jackson Perpetual Cup – “Aquilo” Adela Thomas
1st Championship Crew

Tasman II Trophy – “Resistance” Ben Garner & Will Garner
2nd Championship

3rd Championship – “Wild Card” Lulu Di Sciascio & Chloe Allen

Searle Bros. Perpetual Trophy – “Assassin” Will Farnell & Isla Fenske
1st Handicap

2nd Handicap – “Aquilo” Cooper Field & Adela Thomas

3rd Handicap – “Antares” Josh Garner & Patrick Fowler

Youth (U25) Mixed Class

1st Performance Handicap – “Discount Yachting” Elliot Hughes & Khan Harris Moore

Mixed Class

The Waroo Perpetual Trophy – “Carl” Elliot Hughes & Khan Harris-Moore
1st Yardstick

2nd YardStick – “Vivid” John Henderson

3rd YardStick – “Fascination” Clive Humphris

The Ross Heyward Memorial Trophy – “Fascination” Clive Humphris
1st Handicap

2nd Handicap – “Vivid” John Henderson

3rd Handicap – “Discount Yachting” Elliot Hughes & Khan Harris Moore

Moocher Trophy – “Hot Wire” Myles Gavin & Ben O’Brien
1st Fireball Club Championship

Laser Class

Cameron Dawson Ford Perpetual Trophy – “Vivid” John Henderson
1st Yardstick

2nd YardStick – “Fascination” Clive Humphris

3rd YardStick – “Slammer” Christopher Jones

Geoff Wood Perpetual Trophy – “Fascination” Clive Humphris
1st Handicap

2nd Handicap – “Vivid” John Henderson

3rd Handicap – “Slammer” Christopher Jones