The recent Mothers Race Day hosted by Royal Geelong Yacht Club and sponsored by European Affair, was a day to celebrate mothers and mother figures through the shared joy of sailing. Four boats and twenty enthusiastic sailors took to the water aboard the Club’s fleet of RS21 boats, for a day of memorable sailing on Corio Bay.

Sailors from both the Off The Beach (OTB) Cadets, Seniors, and Keelboats took to the water aboard the RS21 boats, known for their stability and ease of handling, were the perfect vessels for this adventure, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for sailors of all ages and skill levels.

From the novice to the seasoned sailor, everyone was eager to get on board and experience the thrill of sailing together. The event was meticulously planned ensuring that every detail was perfect. Life jackets were ready, sails were prepped, and our skilled skippers Kate Whiley, Susannah Gilliam, Clare McAuliffe, and Gordinna Howard (Cadet)—guided their crews through the gentle breeze. The races were closely followed by our vigilant Race Officer, Karla Dewhurst, who ensured everything ran smoothly.

As the boats set off, mothers and their children worked together to navigate the RS21s. For many, it was a first-time sailing experience, and the initial apprehension quickly subsided as the joy of sailing set in. For others, it was a chance to share a beloved hobby with their children, passing down skills and fostering a deeper connection through a shared passion.

After the races, everyone gathered for some light refreshments prepared by The YOT, where sailors and families mingled, shared stories, and enjoyed the camaraderie that makes the Royal Geelong Yacht Club so special.

The Mothers Race Day was a reminder of the important role that mothers and mother figures play, and an opportunity to honor their contributions in a fun and meaningful way. The success of the Mothers Race Day has set a precedent for future events, and there are already whispers of making it an annual tradition.

Looking ahead, we’re also excited to announce that a Father and Kids Race Day is being planned around Father’s Day, promising more family fun and unforgettable memories on the water.

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club has once again shown that it is not just about sailing—it’s about creating lasting memories and celebrating the relationships that matter most.

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