The Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) is thrilled to announce the successful launch of our inaugural Youth Squad, a significant milestone in our journey toward fostering young sailing talent. This landmark event was marked by the introduction of our newly acquired RS21 boats, a key goal achieved through dedicated planning and investment.

A Diverse and Dynamic Group

Our Youth Squad boasts a perfect 50/50 gender split, showcasing our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the sport. The squad comprises 16 enthusiastic young sailors, aged between 13 and 22, with the average age being around 15 to 16 years. This diverse age range not only brings a variety of skills and perspectives but also fosters a vibrant learning environment where younger sailors can learn from their slightly older peers.

Expert Coaching and Skill Development

Leading the squad are two esteemed coaches, Mark Tonner-Joyce and Tony Bull, whose expertise and passion for sailing have been instrumental in shaping the program. The initial training sessions have focused on critical aspects of sailing such as teamwork, communication, and seamanship skills. These foundational skills are essential for any sailor and are being imparted through a series of engaging and challenging training games.

Looking Ahead: Advanced Skills and Match Racing

The journey doesn’t stop here. The program will continue on Sunday, 23rd June, with a focus on more advanced boat handling techniques. This progression ensures that our young sailors are continually challenged and are able to develop a deeper understanding of their craft. Following this, the focus will shift to match racing in July and August, providing the squad with a comprehensive and competitive sailing experience.

Building the Future of Sailing

The launch of the RGYC Youth Squad and the utilization of the RS21s represent a significant step forward for our club. We are not only investing in high-quality equipment but also in the future of sailing by providing young sailors with the opportunity to learn, grow, and compete in a supportive and professional environment.

For more information about our programs and upcoming events, visit the RGYC website or contact us directly via [email protected]