Adult Learn to Sail – Dinghy

Our RGYC Dinghy Courses are tailored for both teenagers and adults and involve sailing on small exhilarating boats (one, two or three crew vessels).

Dinghies represent an ideal learning platform because thanks to their small size participants are safe and in full control of all sailing aspects. In more experienced hands though dinghies become action-packed boats suitable for sailors looking for a thrilling sail! 

☑ Experienced instructors

☑ Fun, Fitness & Freedom

☑ Enjoy the outdoors

If you would feel more comfortable taking your first sailing steps on a larger yacht, why not register as a crew and take place in our upcoming Twilight Racing, beginning in October.


Adult Learn To Sail
(Start Sailing 1)
10 Oct – 21 Nov 2023 $280 Commenced
Sundays (Start Sailing 1) 22 Oct – 19 Nov 2023 $375 Commenced
Sundays (Start Sailing 2) 3 Dec – 17 Dec 2023 $375 Click here
January (Start Sailing 1 & 2 combined)3 Jan – 5 Jan 2024$380Click here