The pathway starts with short introduction experiences in shallow water, designed to get children from 4 years of age familiar with being on a boat and the water. There are two introduction experience

  • Tiny Tackers– Is a fun short experience for younger kids aged 4-6 years who would like to know about boats and try going out on the water but may not yet be confident.
  • Tackers Intro – This introduction sailing is designed for children aged 6-12 who would like to do a sort sailing sessions or anyone who may be interested in our junior Tackers program but would like to see what sailing is bout before committing to a course.

The next step in the pathway or starting point for some is straight into the junior learn to sail program know as ‘Tackers’ which comprises of three levels,  Tackers 1, 2 and 3.

  • Tackers 1) Beginner level – Is where children sail in pairs to build confidence and get to know each other while learning the basics of sailing
  • Tackers 2) Intermediate level -This level builds on skills learnt in level 1 while being introduced to more technical activities.
  • Tackers 3) Advanced level – The final stage before moving onto Green Fleet junior coaching or club racing. As this program is progressive skills learn in levels 1 & 2 are built upon while also introducing some new ones. Children will learn to sail independently and be introduced to the basics of racing and explore various sailing techniques suited to different conditions.

Upon completion of Tackers 3, sailors will be able to apply knowledge of fundamental boat handling to independently sail a dinghy in moderate conditions on all points of sailing. What’s next after Tackers 3, children may wish to move into Green Fleet junior coaching program run Saturday morning or inquire about transitioning into ‘Off the Beach’ (OTB) junior club racing.


For children 11yrs or older who are interested in a social non-competitive program you may like to look into OutThere Sailing (OTS), this is a social program designed for Tweens & Teens who want to learn or grow sailing skills outside of club racing.


For more information about the Tackers sailing program please check out the resources below:


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