Keelboat Racing Documents

Club Racing Season 2021 – 2022

DocumentRelease Date
Notice of Race (NOR) Alpha, Bravo & Charlie Courses16/09/2021
Club Racing Calendar21/12/2021
Alpha & Charlie Course Pre-Season Information Session Presentation27/09/2021
Club Season Open Sail Past Instructions06/12/2021

Alpha Course Racing

DocumentRelease Date
Davidsons Winter Series 2022 Supplementary Sailing Instructions06/05/2022
Gannet Cup Special Supplementary Sailing Instructions – REVISED 1/4/2201/04/2022
Murray McAllister Trophy Race Special Supplementary Sailing Instructions21/03/2022
Portarlington Race Supplementary Sailing Instructions05/02/2022
RGYC Foundation Summer Mini Series Supplementary Sailing Instructions21/12/2021
Glover Cup Race 11/12/21 Supplementary Sailing Instructions10/12/2021
Alpha Course Sailing Instructions (Aggregate, Tuff & Two Handed Series’) – Revised11/11/2021
VRCA Wednesday Twilight Series Sailing Instructions18/10/2021
Women’s Helm Series Supplementary Sailing Instructions06/10/2021

Charlie Course Racing

Charlie Course Sailing Instructions – Revised

Racing Document Amendments 

AmendmentRelease Date
Racing Calendar Amendment No.1
Racing Calendar Amendment No.2
Racing Calendar Amendment No.3
Racing Calendar Amendment No. 4
Racing Calendar Amendment No.5
Racing Calendar Amendment No.6
Racing Calendar Amendment No.7
Twilight SI Amendment No.1
Twilight SI Amendment No.2
Alpha Course SI Amendment No.1
Alpha Course SI Amendment No.2
Alpha Course SI Amendment No.3
Alpha Course SI Amendment No.4
Alpha Course SI Amendment No.5
Alpha Course SI Amendment No.6
Gannet Cup Race SSI Amendment No.1
Charlie Course SI Amendment No.1
Charlie Course SI Amendment No.2

Other Alpha Course Documents

How to Sign On Crew with Memberpoint
Yacht Safe audit form login 
Yacht Safe Safety Audit Online Help Guide
RGYC Man Overboard Compliance Declaration
Sail Pass link: Android (to download the Memberpoint app)
Sail Pass link: Apple (to download the Memberpoint app)
“How To lodge a Crew declaration” video HERE
How to obtain an online Sail Pass HERE
Club Course Marks – Corio Bay & Outer Harbour
Corio Bay with CB Marks Chart

Keelboat Safety Categories Equipment Audit Forms

AS Special Reg Category 1
AS Special Reg Category 2
AS Special Reg Category 3
AS Special Reg Category 4
AS Special Reg Category 5
AS Special Reg Category 6
AS Special Reg Category 7

Other Documentation

RRS 2017-2020 (Blue Book)
RRS 2021-2024 (Aust)
AS 2021-2024 Special Regulations Part 1
AS 2021-2024 Special Regulations Part 2
Summary of Race Signals
RGYC Emergency Management Plan
Hearing Request Form
Request for Review of Results