RGYC Skiff Rowing

Thank you to European Affair to supporting RGYC Skiff Rowing. 


Skiff Rowing is an official RGYC club activity.


What are St Ayles Skiffs?

St Ayles Skiffs are beautiful four-oared coastal rowing boats with heritage in the Fair Isle skiffs of the Scottish North Sea. A flat-packed kit boat designed by Australian naval architect Iain Oughtred, there are now 300 built and rowed by community groups around the world, many of whose members have never built or been in a boat before. There 30 St Ayles Skiffs in Australia.


What is RGYC Skiff Rowing?

RGYC current owns two St Ayles Skiffs that will be permanently berthed on the main pontoon and available for use by members, public visitors and businesses for recreation, exercise, team building and competition. The boats will be available for individuals or groups to book for mentored rowing sessions through a simple on-line system. While some boating experience would be good, no rowing experience is necessary for the scheduled sessions. The boats will be available to experienced crews for unsupervised rowing after approval.

As for all RGYC on-water activities, members and non-members will register via Member Point which will make available 12 free “row passes” for non-members. The program is branded as “Skiff” rowing because coastal rowing is booming and we look to welcome other than St Ayles Skiffs boats, rowing and rowers to the club.


How do I register to row?

Booking your spot in a skiff is simple. Head to bit.ly/SkiffRowingBookings to find the live Google Doc booking system. Please find further instructions on this document.

Once you arrive onsite for your rowing system, the team can assist you with registering for your Sail Pass if you are not an RGYC Member. If you are a Member, simply crew declare via Member Point.


Growing community

To support our growing community, we have created a Facebook Group for RGYC Skiff Rowing.
We invite you to join our community.