Rudder Cup: The Story

The "Rudder Cup" was given to the Geelong Yacht Club by Thomas Fleming Day
for the Cruising Division of Australia‘s first organized Ocean Race from
Queenscliff to Low Head (Tasmania) in 1907.

The Cup was passed through Past Commodore T. A. Dickson as a token of their friendship
through "The Rudder" magazine of which Tom Day was Editor/Publisher.

Today, the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria is custodian of the Trophy.
The second-last document in this list, being the Notice of Deed, lost the date of the transaction...

Tom Day was made an Honorary Life Member of the Club in 1911.

The Book "Across Bass Strait" commemorates the inaugural race.
It has been scanned and broken up into logical sections.
Each section can be viewed by clicking on the Open icon below.

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Section 1 Open 875 kB
Section 2 Open 2165 kB
Section 3 Conditions of Entry Open 1326 kB
Section 4 Thistle Log Open 3355 kB
Section 5 Shamrock Log Open 3548 kB
Section 6 Rambler Log Open 2219 kB
Section 7 Ellida Log Open 1825 kB
Section 8 Charts Open 983 kB
Section 9 Extracts from Launceston News Papers Open 4373 kB
Section 10 Extracts from Victorian News Papers Open 1471 kB
Section 11 The Ocean Open 311 kB
Notice of Race 1907 Open 287 kB
1906 Committee of Management Open 747 kB
Rudder Cup Course Open 241 kB
Conditions of Entry and Prizes Open 1664 kB
Currunt Custodians Open 5278 kB
One of two original life rings from Thistle Open 417 kB
The Rudder Cup Gets Hidden for Years Open 1377 kB
Thomas Fleming Day Open 166 kB
Bass Strait Race Open 2816 kB