RGYC Foundation

Assisting RGYC to Foster the Sport of Sailing 

The RGYC Foundation is established to offer Members, past and present, an opportunity to assist in the growth and development of our Club.

Sailing is a unique experience, a lifestyle, that provides people of all ages and abilities with life-changing experiences and opportunities to participate in recreational boating activities; cruising adventures; and local, regional, interstate and international competitions.


Donations to RGYC Foundation will:

  • Assist current and future sailors who require coaching, training state of the art facilities and equipment, and on/off water support to maximise their potential and enable them to compete in interstate and international sailing events
  • Make sailing available to as many people in our community as possible
  • Ensure that RGYC and the sport of sailing remain active and successful in the Geelong region for years to come

Through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, all gifts of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

Please support the RGYC Foundation by making a tax deductible donation today!

To find out more about the RGYC Foundation go to www.rgycfoundation.com.au

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