The Australian Sailing “Tackers” program is a designated pathway for young children to get into sailing, named after the sailing term Tacking, which is when you change direction in a boat. Tackers is a fun and safe competency-based program, progression occurs once all required competencies are achieved. No experience is needed, but water confidence is essential, some assessments include capsizing drills and a minimum 20m ocean swim with a PFD (life jacket). Once a child has completed a level they will be presented with a certificate and supported to progress through the pathway as shown below.

Tiny Tacker / Tackers Intro Experience –> Tackers 1 –> Tackers 2 –> Tackers 3 –> Green Fleet –> Off The Beach (OTB) Club racing and community activities or OutThere Sailing program

Tackers programs are currently being planned for the spring and summer of 2022. To register your interest, please complete the form by clicking below.

For more information about the Tackers sailing program please check out the additional resources provided and information below:

The pathway starts with short introduction experiences offered during school holidays in shallow water, designed to get children from 4 years of age familiar with being on a boat and in the water. There are two introduction experience

Tiny Tackers, Ages 4 – 7 ($30 per person)

This is a fun 1-hour experience for younger kids who would like to learn about boats and have a safe supervised on-water experience.

Tackers Intro, Ages 6 – 12 ($55 per person)

Is a 1.5hour experience that introduces children to sailing who are interested in trying out sailing a boat or for anyone who may be interested in our junior Tackers program but would like to see what sailing is bout before committing to a course.

The next step in the pathway after attending an experience or starting point for some is the junior learn to sail program for ages 7+ known as ‘Tackers’ which comprises of three levels followed by Green Fleet race training.

Tackers 1 – Start Sailing ($320 per person)

A beginner’s level that is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable introduction to dinghy sailing for primary school-aged kids.  The course includes boat basics, fundamental boat handling skills and essential safety knowledge. Water confidence is required due to capsizing drills and open water life jacket swim. Sessions are offered both after school during the sailing season and during school holidays.

Tackers 2 – Better Sailing ($340 per person)

This level builds on skills learned in level 1 while being introduced to more technical activities. It includes better sailing, tricks, techniques and continues developing confidence while sailing on various points on sail in differing conditions. Participants receive complimentary Blue RGYC Junior membership.

Tackers 3- Green Fleet Development ($340)

As this program is progressive skills learned in levels 1 & 2 are built upon while also introducing some new ones. Sailors will be able to apply knowledge of fundamental boat handling to independently sail a dinghy and be introduced to the basics of racing and explore various sailing techniques suited to different conditions.

Green Fleet Race Training ($340)

This program is primarily focused on race training with the intent to progress skills and transition participants into junior club racing. As with all our junior programs, it will incorporate skill-based games to ensure participants enjoy themselves in a supportive and challenging environment. Safety and fun is of high importance when training and coaching juniors with still obtaining new skills. Parents are encouraged to be involved to support the growth and development of not just their child but the community atmosphere RGYC is proud to have. All Green Fleet participants receive complimentary Blue RGYC Junior membership.

What’s after Tackers/Green Fleet 

As noted above children who have completed the Tackers program have a few options listed below

  1. Continue to train with Green Fleet improving their racing skills under the direction of a coach while also transitioning into Junior club racing.
  2. Transition into Off The Beach (OTB) Junior club racing either with your own boat or consider pairing with someone and race a two-handed boat together.
  3. Sign up for the Youth OutThere sailing program (12yrs+) which is a social sailing program where youths can progress there sailing skills in a fun no competitive environment.

For more information about the RGYC Tackers programs or any of the other programs offered please contact the office via (03) 5229 3705 or email at [email protected]