Safety & Registration

RGYC sailors and skippers are required to meet certain safety regulations and standards as set by the club, Australian Sailing and Maritime Safety Victoria. Below you will find the resources required to complete these processes. The RGYC boat safety and equipment audit requirements are set by Australian Sailing (AS) in the Racing Rules of Sailing, together with any updates available on the AS website.

For people new to RGYC racing, the Special Regulations can appear overwhelming, but there is plenty of assistance and advice available to owners via the RGYC website.

Racing Requirements

As part of the club Notice of Race, owners & skippers are required to meet the safety requirements set out in section 4 – Eligibility & Entry. This includes:
– Completion and approval of the relevant Equipment Audit according to the Australian Sailing Special Regulations.
– Completion of a Man Overboard (MOB) drill and submission of an MOB Compliance Declaration.
– Submission of your insurance Certificate of Currency stating racing cover is included.

Please upload your MOB Compliance Declaration and Certificate of Currency via your entry in TopYacht. See Season 23-24 Notice to Competitors #1 for clarification.

Safety Audit via YachtSafe

A safety audit is an inspection conducted by an accredited Club or National Equipment Auditor who represents RGYC. This must be done in accordance with the requirements set out in the relevant Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. It does not remove or replace the owner’s ultimate responsibility for safety, nor does it cover crew training/experience or an assessment of hull structure, stability, or integrity. The audit is an independent assessment that the owner has complied with Australian Sailing Special Regulations and it is valid until the end of June each year. For that reason, the owner must self-audit prior to each race to ensure compliance.

YachtSafe provides online audit forms and equipment auditor bookings for any boats you have registered at RGYC.

  1. Register your yacht with YachtSafe by contacting the Sailing Office at [email protected].
  2. Login to YachtSafe and complete your self-declaration.
  3. Book an audit with one of our appointed and accredited Equipment Auditors.

RGYC Auditors

AuditorsAccredited ToAuditorsAccredited To
Brendan GarnerCat 3 – 7Paul BuchholzCat 1 – 7
Dale LaurieCat 1 – 7Peter StephensCat 3 – 7
Malcolm EatonCat 1 – 7Roger BennettCat 3 – 7
Michael NaughtonCat 1 – 7

Man Overboard Declaration

All yachts are required to complete a Man Overboard drill as appropriate to their vessel and submit the MOB Declaration by uploading this document to your entry in TopYacht prior to October 31st, or their first race, whichever is latest.

Resources for the Boat Owner