We are thrilled to announce the outstanding performances of our Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) members at two prestigious sailing championships: the Optimist Victorian Championships at Sandringham Yacht Club and the Cadet Victorian Championship at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria.

Optimist Victorian Championships:

Representing RGYC at the Optimist Victorian Championships held at Sandringham Yacht Club, Maya Cantwell and Lily Cantwell showcased remarkable skill and determination. In the highly competitive Open Fleet, Maya secured an impressive 14th place, while Lily demonstrated her sailing prowess by finishing 18th. Their commendable performances reflect their dedication and commitment to the sport.

Cadet Victorian Championship:

The Cadet Victorian Championship at Royal Yacht Club of Victoria witnessed an exceptional showing from 14 RGYC teams. These talented sailors demonstrated remarkable teamwork and sailing expertise throughout the championship, securing several top positions:

  1. Josh Garner & Jack Benyan – 1st Place
  2. Will Farnell & Louis Davis – 2nd Place
  3. Cate McCoy & Jack O’Brien – 7th Place
  4. Matilda Groves & Jasmine James – 14th Place
  5. Gordinna Howard & Hailey Stannard – 15th Place
  6. Lucy Stephens & Bodhi McKenzie – 16th Place
  7. Charley Stephens & Bodhi McKenzie – 17th Place
  8. Walter Howard & William Smith – 18th Place
  9. Will Garner & Jack Jones – 19th Place
  10. Ainslie Fernando & Winnie Clarke – 20th Place
  11. Isla Fenske & Austin Smith – 26th Place
  12. Charlie White & Max Clark – 27th Place
  13. Caitlin James & Magenta Grace – 28th Place
  14. Grace Lochhead-Caddy & Florence Thomas – 29th Place

These outstanding results exemplify the talent and dedication of our RGYC members, showcasing their competitive spirit and commitment to excellence on the water.

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