In Conversation with Noel Robertson

Noel Robertson has been a Royal Geelong Yacht Club Member for nearly 40 years and is an active volunteer at the club. During National Volunteer Week, we interviewed Noel about his time at RGYC. Here is what he said.

What brings you to be a member of RGYC? 

I love the companionship. I love to be involved with the rest of the volunteers and to join the activities and do what I can to help the club.


How much time do you allocate to volunteering and how do you make your time available? 

Whenever there is an event or opportunity, I will put my hand up whenever I am needed. As I am retired, it is not a hassle to find the time but I do work around the Yacht Club as I just love being involved. Everyone is so lovely and thanks the volunteers but really I want to thank the Yacht Club for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. 


How has volunteering had an influence on your life? 

Volunteering is a big part of my life. It is something that I look forward to – from the companionship, the race officers who are involved in running the races and the social side of being part of team. I have also gained plenty of skills during my time volunteering at RGYC. 


Is there a particular experience or achievement that stands out for you during your time at the club? 

Recently, the Summer of Sailing was huge but I enjoyed every minute of it. I had the most enjoyed this year at the Yacht Club in all my time as a Member. The team combined together so well to work as a team. The huge Summer was intense, but it was great to be a part of it. To be on the committee boat that was conducting the World Championship races, right there close to the action, was mind blowing and a true highlight. Also to be able to meet the international elite athletes. 


Has there been any challenges you have faced during your time as a volunteer?

I have recently been asked to skipper Alpha One and normally it is okay but my challenge has probably been bringing the boat back into berth as I am not used to being the skipper. It is a learning process and I am getting better – there is always time to get better!


What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering at RGYC? 

I would say “come and speak to me.” 

Thank you to Noel for his time to chat and thank you for being a valued RGYC Volunteer who #ChangesCommunities and #ChangesLives!