178th Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race

Passage Race Information




For more information, please contact Sailing Manager Peter Kirman via [email protected].


Official Notice Board


Amendment to Sailing Instructions No.1

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COVID Safe Information

COVID Safe Race Management

The Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race has been registered as a Tier 3 event under the Victorian State Governments Public Events Framework.  Sailing is currently an approved activity with no specific COVID Safe guidance required under the Restricted Activity Directions, but we encourage all skippers and crew to ensure they understand current COVIDSafe guidance and act responsibly.

Sailors must perform a self-assessment and not attend the race or RGYC if they are experiencing any of the below symptoms, or are waiting on COVID-19 test results:

  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of sense of smell or taste

While wearing a face mask is not mandatory, current Government Guidance states that you must have a face mask on you at all times. It is recommended you wear a mask when you cannot keep a 1.5m distance.

Please click HERE for the COVIDSafe Event Checklist.


Royal Geelong Yacht Club COVID Safe Guidance

Vessels that are staying at RGYC as a guest vessel must comply with the Club’s COVIDSafe Plan. Information on the RGYC COVID Safe management, including the Venue COVID Safe Plan, can be found HERE.

A detailed marina plan has been created to ensure each visiting vessel has an dedicated berth. Please note there is strictly NO RAFTING UP in the marina. This plan will be distributed to each skipper individually.

The Yot Café and RGYC Members bar will be open and available to guests across the entire long weekend and will operate under their normal COVIDSafe plans.  No bookings are required, however we anticipate a busy weekend and staff and security will be managing venue access and capacities as required and COVID Safe Practices.


Contact Tracing Requirements

To meet our contact tracing requirements, RGYC has a number of systems in place that Sailors must comply with.

Top Yacht & Crew Declarations
Skippers information is already registered as part of their entry into Top Yacht, but each vessel must ensure all Crew Decs are completed prior to starting the Race.  This is for both sailor safety on-water and COVID contact tracing purposes.

Sine App
It is compulsory for all visitors to RGYC to register their attendance when arriving and leaving the Club using the Sine Pro App. This is necessary as per COVID-19 guidance to conduct contract tracing should it be necessary.  Skippers visiting the Club after the race must ensure that everyone on board your vessel and any guests that visit you during your stay register via the Sine Pro App.

We recommend that you download the app ahead of arrival and you can then quickly manually check in and out as you enter / exit the Club during your stay.

The Yot Café and RGYC  Members Bar
The Yot café has their own QR code system in place to track guests who specifically visit the Clubhouse for a meal.  Visitors will be asked to evidence their login using either the SinePro app or the Café’s QR code before service can be provided.

RGYC Restricted Access

Due to the high number of visitors expected at the Club on Sunday evening, the Club will restrict access to members and visiting boats and crew only from 2pm Sunday 24th January until 10am Monday 25th January.  This is to ensure our visitors and members have the best possible chance of accessing our facilities during their stay.

Entry to the Club will be restricted to Members, visitor cards (held by Skippers) and wrist banded crew members.


Travel & Accommodation

Visiting boats will be provided with a free berth at the RGYC marina until Monday 25th January. For those wishing to stay beyond this time, bookings can be made via RGYC Visiting Vessel Registration form HERE.

For those wishing to stay on land, Geelong has a wide variety of great accommodation options within easy walking distance of RGYC. For your convenience, we have organised a detailed list of options for accommodation and recommend you book in advance as Geelong is extremely busy over the Australia Day long weekend.

Please click HERE to check out all hotels and accommodation within 2km of the RGYC.

For more information on Geelong and things to do, please see HERE.

We would like to thank our sponsors, whose ongoing support has made the delivery of this year’s Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race possible.