Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC) recently held another edition of the annual Off-The-Beach (OTB) Team Racing event. Set against Wangim Walk, this annual gathering of sailing enthusiasts showcased the best of teamwork, skill, and determination. With perfect weather condition, teams of both senior and junior sailors engaged in the competition.

The day kicked off as teams prepared to battle it out on the race course. As the races progressed, spectators were treated to a fantastic display skill and talent as the competitors maneuvered their boats with precision and agility.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the event was the journey of the victors. Starting from third place on the round-robin scoreboard, they came through the ranks to claim victory beating the favorites in the final!

The RGYC OTB Team Racing event not only showcases the competitive spirit of sailing but also fosters camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants. The OTB Team Racing event continues to remain a highlight on the club’s calendar!

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